Is your equipment helping or hindering your progress?

We work with everyone from NZ's top professionals to our most passionate weekend golfers- all with the same goal of playing better by optimizing their equipment We pride ourselves on being market leaders with our technology in our Boom Golf Studio.

If we don't have something in here that can improve your golf then it doesn't exist The Gears 3D tracking system will take 360 frames per second (600 images of your golf swing) of how you as player deliver the golf club- this system allows to capture data that a launch monitor can't.

From this extremely accurate data our fitters can use NZ's most comprehensive range of equipment with over 50,000 combinations to find the best set up for you. Shaft weight, Flex, Profile, Lie angle, Grip size are all things that will be covered in the sessions.

Our putting bay uses the state of the art Quintic Ball Roll Putting system will give us 45 parameters and provides an in-depth detailed analysis of both the club and ball throughout your putting stroke. This data will make sure that you are in the right style, shape, offset and your putter is matched to you as an individual.

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Important FAQ's about the process:

No. Everyone should get fit. In fact, higher handicap golfers have swings far more consistent than they may realise. Research shows higher handicap golfers often shave more strokes off their score than single digit handicappers following a custom club fitting

Absolutely not! Poorly fit clubs can undermine the most effective teachers. We encourage any information from your current coach to see how we can speed up the process through equipment as well.. I mean who doesn't want to get better faster?

From 45 minutes for a driver fitting to 2.5 hours for the comprehensive fitting

Bring your current equipment (golf shoes included!) We will check the specs of these and get an overview of where your current bag sits and why you have a favourite club- all this gives us a great starting point.

No. Customers are never obligated to purchase anything as a result of their fitting. We provide the recommended specifications to every customer once their fitting is complete and it is up to the customer to decide whether or not they wish to make any purchases.

Its as easy as clicking on the BOOK NOW link and find a time that suits- fill out a couple of questions then lets get your equipment dialled in.


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