Boom Golf - Golf Club Adjustment, Customisation & Repairs

Boom Golf, are the industry leaders for golf club fitting, customisation and repair.

Come in and let us show you the latest in technology and techniques used by PGA professionals and leading amateurs to get more our of their golf clubs. Our extensive product range enables us to better fit you to an optimum specification. We currently stock over 10,000 grips and 1,500 shafts, and have largest custom fitting selection in the country.

Your Club Repair Experts

For that broken shaft or a basic re-grip, we hold a large range of components on hand to get you back on the course as soon as possible. (same day service available upon request)

Custom Fitting Session
Our highly experienced fitters can take you through a detailed process to ensure you get the most out of your clubs. An extensive selection of components and the latest technology enable us to directly compare the good to the bad and how different options can effect your game development.

Precision Club Building
Every manufacturer will have its own form of quality control, whether it is based on weight, dimensions, dynamics or aesthetics there will be a pass or fail which determines release for sale. When dealing with golf clubs this is no different, and our processes are among the tightest in the industry.

Custom shafts

We have access to the latest in shaft technology, using the most advanced techniques and materials, our fitting service can best determine which products are best for your game.

Club Customisation
After a specific look or specification? We can make your clubs how you like. Custom swing weights, lengths, flexes, stamping, engraving and paintfill. Inquire to find out more about our club customisation.

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