Hello team. It’s that time of year again. The azaleas are in full bloom and the golfing world has turned its attention to Georgia for the first major championship of the year.

This week, players will go the extra mile to ensure their specs are as perfect as the manicured greens they’re playing on. Loft and lies checks, fresh wedges, specific clubs for attacking the par 5s and more. As Team TaylorMade gears up to take on the venerable venue, here’s a closer look at how every player dialed in their equipment in prep for the major test.


Tiger comes into the week with the same setup he used to capture his 15th major in 2019 with one critical addition: A new Stealth Plus driver. He first debuted the breakthrough Carbonwood™ design at the PNC Championship back in December, where his performance alongside his son, Charlie, gave us all hope that we’d see Tiger back inside the ropes competing before too long. That day is here, perhaps sooner than the sports world imagined. The carbon face construction has helped many players gain speed, and Tiger has commented that it’s given him an edge when shaping shots off the tee. Something that’s critical to winning on this course.

Tiger WITB

  • Stealth Plus 9° Driver
  • SIM 15° 3wd
  • M3 19° 5wd
  • P·7TW Irons (3-PW)
  • MG2 Tiger Grind Wedges (56° & 60°)


The reigning World No. 1 comes into the week as the hottest player on the planet, having won three of his last 5 starts while rapidly climbing to the top spot. Scottie made slight alterations to his driver to allow him to better move the ball from right to left – as the course famously benefits the draw (for right-handed players). Leaving no stone unturned while seeking his first major, he worked with our team to perfect a backup driver built to match the exact specs of his gamer.

Scottie WITB

  • Stealth Plus 8° Driver
  • Stealth 16.5° 3HL Fairway
  • P·7TW Irons (5-PW)


Collin is one of Team TaylorMade’s most meticulous and exacting players. He began his loft and lie checks more than two weeks ago in preparation for this week. That level of precision is paramount when you’re the best iron player in the game - over the last three seasons, his average of 0.97 strokes gained approach per round is the best on Tour. Morikawa can grab the third leg of the career grand slam with a victory this week in Georgia. He’s still only 25.

Collin WITB

  • Stealth Plus 9° Driver
  • SIM 14° Rocket 3wd
  • Stealth Plus 19° 5wd
  • P·Series Combo Set Irons (5-PW)
  • MG3 Wedges (50° & 56°)
  • MG2 60° Wedge
  • TP Juno Putter
  • TP5 Golf Ball


DJ knows how critical the par 5s are on this course. In his record-setting performance here in 2020, he was 11-under-par on those holes for the week. Coming into the 2022 competition, he replaced is 3-iron with a Stealth 22° Rescue so he can attack those greens on his second shots. Don’t expect to see much laying up from the big fella.


  • Stealth Plus 10.5° Driver
  • Stealth 3HL 16.5° Fairway
  • Stealth 21° 7WD
  • Stealth 22° Rescue
  • DJ Proto Irons (4-PW)
  • MG Wedges (52° & 60°)
  • Spider Tour IB Limited
  • TP5x Golf Ball

“With par 5s being crucial scoring holes, DJ took out his 3-iron in favor of a Stealth Rescue that he first played back at Torrey Pines. He hits both clubs 245 yards, but is able to launch the Rescue higher and a land it softer. It will be an important club for him this week.”



Rory comes to Georgia with the same bag he’s used for most of this season, keeping the P·790 3-iron in play (click here for the full download). He added fresh MG3 wedges to the bag for added zip around these demanding greens. Earlier this year, he made the decision to switch to high-bounce soles in all of his wedges and immediately noticed a lower and more controlled flight. He also noted how much better the club slid through the turf with, especially from 50-75 yards.


  • Stealth Plus 9° Driver
  • SIM 15° 3WD
  • Stealth Plus 19° 5WD
  • P·770 3 iron
  • Rors Proto Irons (4-PW)
  • MG3 Wedges (54° and 58°)
  • Spider X Hydro Blast Putter
  • TP5x Golf Ball


Wolffie made the move into a Spider Tour putter, which looks to be a potent combo with his TP5 pix USA golf ball. Putting has been the strongest part of his game this season. He currently ranks 26th in strokes gain putting in the year (.464). Otherwise, he comes into the week with the same bag he’s had all season and looking to kickstart his third year on Tour.

Wolffie WITB

  • Stealth Plus 9° Driver
  • Stealth Plus 15° 3WD
  • Stealth Plus 19° 5WD
  • P·7MC Irons (4-PW)
  • MG3 Wedges (52°, 56° and 60°)
  • Spider Tour Putter
  • TP5 pix USA Golf Ball


The team did significant wedge work with Tommy this week, focused heavily on turf interaction and selecting the right bounce to manage tight lies around the green. He concentrated on remaining neutral throughout the shot (meaning not getting too steep or too shallow) and finding the right sole geometry to match his swing arc with his new Hi-Toe 52° wedge.

Tommy WITB

  • Stealth Plus 9° Driver
  • Stealth Plus 15° 3WD
  • Stealth Plus 19° 5WD
  • SIM2 Max 21° 7WD
  • P·7TW Irons (4-PW)
  • Hi-Toe Wedge (52°)
  • TP5x pix


The 2017 champion returns again to the scene of his greatest triumph. The Spaniard’s elite play off the tee hasn’t dipped one bit: he enters this week’s Tournament ranked 3rd on the PGA Tour in strokes gained off the tee – the exact end-of-season ranking he posted in the statistic in both 2020 and 2021. His putting statistics have skyrocketed in 2022 – Garcia is gaining 0.46 strokes putting per round this season on Tour, good for 29th – up 144 spots from last season.

Sergio WITB

  • Stealth Plus 10.5° Driver
  • Stealth Plus 15° 3WD
  • Stealth Plus 19° 5WD
  • P·750 Irons (3-PW)
  • MG3 Wedges (52° and 58°)
  • Spider X Putter
  • TP5 Golf Ball


Harry has been testing a new Spider GT Rollback Putter with a proto tour insert. The early feedback has been positive, which is an indication that his new wand might make it into the bag this week.

Harry Higgs WITB

  • Stealth Plus 8° Driver
  • Stealth Plus 15° 3WD
  • SIM2 17° Rescue
  • P·770 Irons (4-PW)
  • MG3 Wedges (52°, 56° and 60°)
  • Spider GT Rollback Putter
  • TP5x Golf Ball