Golf Warehouse is pleased to announce that revolutionary TopTracer Range Tracking is now live in every available bay at the Golf Warehouse Driving Range in Ellerslie, Auckland.

TopTracer Range delivers the same ball-tracking technology used to track the shots of the world’s top professionals, as shown on television coverage of major golf tournaments. The cutting-edge technology is transforming the Ellerslie driving range experience from a functional training day to an exciting, interactive, experience.

The system works using three doppler radar tracking units that capture, track and analyse every aspect of a player’s shot. Via a large interactive screen positioned in the driving range bay, a player can view shot replays and statistical feedback, allowing them to make swing adjustments and immediately see the impact on their golf shots. Players get instant gratification seeing their shots on the game screen, and the simplicity of the system makes it easy for them to make improvements to their game.

“The feedback from customers already is that it has completely elevated their practice experience by making it more meaningful and transferable to the golf course” Alana Wylie - Manager

For more fun and social interaction on the driving range, there are a variety of virtual games and shot data modes. Players can take on the world in a longest-drive competition, play closest to the pin with friends, or tee up at some of the world’s greatest golf courses. The diverse range of experiences offered by TopTracer Range means that golfers can now get a lot more out of their driving range experience.

Players who want to keep records of their data and progress will appreciate the TopTracer Range community app. The app allows players to set up a personal profile, save all their data and scores and see how they rank against others on the network’s leader boards.

As well as investing in technology, New Zealand’s busiest driving range is about to commence enhancing its customer experience and facilities with a variety of exciting new developments.

Golf Warehouse, Ellerslie currently features:

  • 17 public 8-members bays
  • RAS automatic auto ball tee up hardware in all bays – this means players don’t have to bend over to tee up a shot, or carry a bucket out to their bay
  • 3 x private Institute of Golf coaching bays
  • 40 x free parking spaces
  • Membership short game area including 5 greens for chipping and putting, 3 bunkers, and PITCH SHOTS UP TO 80m.
  • Members Grass Tee AREA.
  • 9-hole, par 3 golf course (between 60 - 126m holes), with standard holes, big hole 8" holes, and footgolf ideal for players of all ages and experience levels.

In its first major development since opening, the Ellerslie driving range will be expanding significantly – with 20 ALL-NEW driving range bays being developed to meet the current and future capacity demands on the facility.

The Golf Warehouse retail store will undergo a refit and expansion, improving the customer experience significantly, with vastly improved circulation and efficiency.

The redesigned retail space will feature two indoor temperature-controlled Club fitting studios each equipped with State-of-the-art Foresight Quad Launch Monitors. In a first for New Zealand, Customers will be able to club fit using a combination of controlled and real-world conditions, with a huge offering of clubs from golf's most desirable brands.

Access and parking will also be improved. The new facility will have complete wheelchair access (with all stairs being removed) and double the car parking capacity – including some dedicated EV charging stations.

There will also be a major refurbishment of the toilet block with direct access from the driving range and members-only showers and toilets. This exciting redevelopment is expected to be completed in December 2019.

Future enhancements to the Ellerslie Golf Warehouse Driving Range will include all-new Institute of Golf facilities and the development of a 36-hole adventure mini-golf course.

For further information please contact:
Rhys Bishop – Golf Warehouse CEO
Tel: 021 873 630

Ricky Faesen Kloet – Golf Warehouse CFO
Tel: 021 333 256