Regional Manager, Sales & Club Fitting Specialist

Don't book one session with Ritchie, book two, as either the first one will run overtime as he likes to get to know you and your game, or he will ask for a second one to make sure the clubs are working great otherwise. 

Ritchie loves nothing more than helping players enjoy the sport more and is passionate about helping players get more from themselves, their equipment and their game. 

Golf is hard, Ritchie understands that, but works hard to help players find more fun on the course, find easier ways to play and find the right clubs to complement what the player does most naturally. 

Ritchie has played at an elite level, worked in and around golf courses and retail stores for 25+ years and is a self-confessed golf geek. 

If you are slightly nervous, going through a bad patch, struggling with an area of your game or just super keen to take your game to the next level then book a session with Ritchie. Be careful, however, he may show you a few tricks and clubs to make the game a whole lot easier than you imagined. 

Favourite club in his bag and why? XXIO 7 wood, why? Because it's basically the world's easiest 3 iron, nice and straight, nice and high and lands super softly on the green. 

What Ritchie looks for in the perfect customer. I love to help those who love the game, even more, those who love the challenge of the game and all it brings. 

The #1 reason Ritchie loves working at Golf Warehouse - Because it isn't a job at all, its a passion for me and I get to hang out with great people talking about things I love whilst getting paid.

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christchurch superstore

65 Blenheim Road, Addington 8011 Christchurch, New Zealand

Ritchie is based at our Christchurch Superstore.

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