GWX Viking Travel Cover

GWX Viking Travel Cover

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GWX's Viking travel cover with its hardtop hood is built tough and has been designed to give maximum protection for your clubs and gear.

Made to comfortably fit a full set of clubs, 2 pairs of shoes, the rest of your golf-related gear and with room to spare. The GWX Viking Travel cover is the perfect compliment to make your life easy on your next jet-set golf getaway.

Lightweight by design, its heavy-duty static grey fabric is strong enough to secure your investment, and easily differentiates your clubs at the luggage carousel. Added to this it's dual inline wheels and adjustable top handle make commuting through airports a breeze.

When your holiday is done and it is not in use, the travel cover can be pulled into and stored within its hard hood, minimising cupboard space.


  • Hardcase top with interior padding for maximum club protection
  • 2 large external pockets for gear storage
  • Travel cover can be folded into Hardcase top for compact storage
  • Internal bag securing strap limits your golf bag from moving within the cover
  • Premium inline skate wheels allow for hassle-free mobility. 
  • ID card window allows for easy identification. 

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