XXIO Gold Limited Edition Set


XXIO Gold Limited Edition Set XXIO Gold Limited Edition Set XXIO Gold Limited Edition Set XXIO Gold Limited Edition Set

XXIO Gold Limited Edition Set

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"XXIO GOLD LIMITED" golf clubs are from a deep understanding of the concept of golf brings distinguished professional technology, acclaimed XXIO "dual speed technology", but also the rich texture of honor, worthy collection of luxury crafts. Unlimited play intelligent golf strategy, high-end technology, with its gorgeous noble appearance, the court can give full play gentleman, kingly, compelling.

One wood - 22K gold-plated and crystal glass decoration flaunt eye-catching, showing extravagantly beautiful appearance. While using light weight titanium heavier pieces, the weight assigned to the remaining ball around, to achieve a higher launch angle, trajectory and more stable, longer distances.

Hardcore - Rod ball joint at the bottom of the neck and nickel-tungsten counterweight configuration to achieve the moment of inertia to improve and expand the sweet hitting surface area.

Shaft - With textured gold IP processing shaft, ultra-light weight, grip focusing heart design, make the swing easier, improved ball speed.


  • Ball Material:  hitting surface / One wood: Titanium ( Super-TIX )   
  • Fairway: 6-22-22S titanium     
  • Main body / One wood: T9S titanium    
  • Fairway: maraging steel ( bottom: tungsten nickel weights)
  • Production process:  hitting surface / forged 
  • Main body / One wood: vacuum precision casting, Fairway: Casting
  • Fine treatment:  high brightness gold particles sprayed + Mirror processing ( FW : partly transparent layer) badge: gold (22K ) + crystal glass
  • Pole  body:  XXIO GOLD LIMITED graphite shaft
  • Grip to: XXIO GOLD LIMITED dedicated full rubber grip (attached special LOGO badge)

Includes: Driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, Irons 5-PW+AW+SW, Blade Putter. Deluxe bag, duffel and headcovers.


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