Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinder

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Next Level Accuracy, Feel & Performance

To play your best golf you need correct distance information. The NX7 Laser Rangefinder gives you exact distances to the flag making club selection simple and consistent.

Our laser technology is accurate to 1 yard and shoots distances to the 1/10 of a yard. The Target Acquisition Technology (TAG) helps you acquire the target not what is around the target.

Play and practice better with the NX7 Laser Rangefinder.

Precision Pro Golf's mission is to produce distances measuring products that are accurate, stylishly designed, simple to use, and help golfers make better decisions on the golf course. We are confident you will love our products. Play Smarter.


  • Accuracy +/- 1 Meter
  • (TAG) Target Acquisition Technology
  • 365 Meter/400 Yard Range
  • 1/10 Measurements
  • Water Resistant Design
  • Shock Proof Design
  • 6x Magnification
  • 2 Year Warranty

Who Should Use The NX7 Laser Rangefinder?
Any golfer looking for exact distances to specific targets on the golf course and driving range. The NX7 Laser Rangefinder allows you to shoot distances to the flag, bunkers, trees, and other objects with accuracy to the yard.

(TAG) Target Acquisition Technology
The TAG Function scans objects in your field of view and focuses in on your desired target to ensure accuracy.

365 Meter/400 Yard Range
Measures distances up to 365 meters away ensuring you’ll never be out of range of your target

Accuracy +/- 1 Meter
Ensures you are getting an accurate distance measurement down to the 1/10 of a meter

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Age: 60-79
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Every day
My fifteenth club

Took a bit to get an accurate reading and trust the measurement has taken the guess and hope shot away

Age: 40-59
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Once a week

Have not received it yet .. should have been delivered by now !!

Age: 20-39
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Once a week

Been using for 2 weeks almost daily. Simple to use and seems accurate so pretty happy.

Age: 20-39
Skill Level: Intermediate (16-25)
Play: Once a week
Great product, well priced and just as good as the other brands if not better

I've been using this range finder for about 18 months now, after purchasing it in Australia on a golf trip. To reiterate the subject, this is great product, very robust, well priced and just as good as the other brands if not better.

The other thing that the product description doesn't state, is that the manufacturer provides free replacement batteries, when they run out, for the life of the product! And, yes, they deliver these to NZ (I am testament to that). Obviously this isn't as important as it's performance is, but it's a nice little sweetener nonetheless.

Highly recommended.

Age: 20-39
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Once a week
Great tool

Excellent tool for selecting the right club for an approach shot. Getting the actual distance to the flag from the range finder rather than the distance from a fairway marker has definitely saved a couple of shot from picking the wrong club