Niblick Mens Barwon Golf Shoes

Niblick Mens Barwon Golf Shoes

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New SHEILD system PU is an ultra light weight material designed to shield your feet from the weather while giving superior breathability. This revolutionary material is easy to clean and super soft.

Wide fitting for superior fit and comfort with a softer Poron infused foot-bed and innersole gives extra comfort.

Heel cushioning pad gives superior fit and comfort around the heel and the wide ridge TPU design arch/heel gives maximum support and traction ridges combined with light soft ‘fluid cleats’ give superior traction and stability

6 month warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Age: 60-79
Skill Level: Intermediate (16-25)
Play: Once a week

Play once a week and they lasted about 18 months before the front of the sole started parting from the upper. Budget shoe at a budget price so couldn't complain but if you want a bit more comfort and durability look else where.

Age: 40-59
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Every day
Good for a while, read description

Its 7 months since I purchased these golf shoes, I was thinking $60 for my first ever pair, sure, why not. I received a size to small and the team really helped me out in replacing to a larger size, great job. Sadly 6 months in they fell apart at the seams, Just after the warranty run out I have to say as well, I played quite a bit but not a crazy amount. I think for anyone wanting a pair, spend a bit more for a better branded shoe that will stand the test of time.

Age: 40-59
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Once a week

Said they only had size 8.5 but sent 8.0 had to take insoles out to fit

Age: 40-59
Skill Level: Beginner (26+)
Play: Once a week

Very comfortable with a good casual look 👌

Age: 40-59
Skill Level: Legend (0-5)
Play: Once a week
Good Golf Shoes

First time I wore them it was raining hard and one of the shoes got water in them. Good fit and comfortable to wear.