LiTech 36 Lithium Battery & Charger

LiTech 36 Lithium Battery & Charger

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  • More powerful
  • Weighs only 20% of traditional/lead acid batteries
  • Last at least 5 times longer than older style batteries
  • Charge 5 times quicker
  • 100% green product assembled in New Zealand
  • No nasty side effects - no lead, no acid, no weight
  • Will fit all trundler makes, models and sizes
  • Battery delivered complete with terminal leads and protective battery cover

Dimensions:  Height 80mm, Width 180mm, Depth 180mm

**Warning Lithium batteries can only be charged with lithium chargers. DO NOT use a lead acid charger on a lithium battery, as this will destroy your battery.



Clean Voltage

Lead-acid batteries start at 12.0V and sags to 11.0V, then to 10.0V, then lower. This puts a strain on electronics by feeding in "brown" voltage. Lithium ion batteries start at 12.8V and continue at that voltage with no voltage sag until the very end of the cycle. As a result, powered features operate faster and smoother.

No Maintenance

The water levels on lead-acid batteries constantly need to be rechecked and filled, the lead terminals are constantly corroding and need to be cleaned off. When this is not done the battery may fail at any time. Lithium ion batteries save you time. They are completely sealed with no water levels to check and fill.  Brass terminals reduce corrosion which means no work, and no mess.

Light Weight

A typical lead-acid battery weighs 10+ kgs. Not only is this heavy to pick up, this weight is added to whatever it is powering, effecting its performance, handling, and adding to general wear.  Our lithium ion batteries typically weigh 2 -3 kgs. This improves performance, handling and helps reduce wear. 

Long Life

A typical lead-acid battery has 200 to 300 charge cycles and then needs to be replaced. If a lead-acid battery is not used, it may sulphate and need to be replaced much sooner, Our lithium ion batteries last 2000 to 3000 charge cycles. Lithium ion does not sulphate. This means a fully charged lithium ion battery can sit for a year with no harm to the battery.  Have the peace of mind by eliminating a potential failure for many years.


Many things can cause early death to a lead-acid battery, which can leave you stranded at inconvenient times. High temperatures and storage are among the most common, Lithium ion only loses 1 to 2% per month on self-discharge during storage, a lead-acid battery loses 5% a month. Our battery can sit for up to a year and still have 75% of its energy.

Environmentally Friendly

More than 99 million batteries are produced each year.   A typical lead acid battery contains lead - a known poison that is harmful to the environment. Have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to a healthier environment. Lithium ion batteries are eco-friendly, green batteries that are recyclable.

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