Game Golf Classic Digital Tracking System

Game Golf Classic Digital Tracking System

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Tag and tee off. Build a performance trigger into every shot with our hands-free GAME GOLF Classic device.

Compact and lightweight, it clips to your belt and stays out of the way so you can focus on your approach. Attach the lightweight tags to your golf clubs, and you’ll start getting to know those tools in your bag in a whole new way.

GAME GOLF integrates a wearable tracking device, sensors on each club, and a free app that together give you full stats for every round—scores, true distances, GIRs, putts, fairways hit, and playing trends—on your iPhone or other iOS devices. Best of all, GAME GOLF delivers your stats in ways that help you improve your game, share your accomplishments, and challenge other players or the GAME GOLF community.


Tag, swing, and track. GAME GOLF keeps your focus firmly on your game. The sensors for each club and the wearable unit that gently buzzes to assist in pre-swing concentration all fit seamlessly into anyone's game.


GAME GOLF sets itself apart with its user interface and analysis. You get the data the pros and the game’s best teachers use to improve their games.


With each round, GAME GOLF adds knowledge to your game—your longest drives, best scores, and game improvement analyses—and lets you easily share with other players and instructors.


Easy-to-use stats make GAME GOLF a natural for golfers and instructors. The tracker records trends over time, carefully analyzing them and presenting them in ways that can teach rather than simply illustrate.


  • Proprietary GAME platform calculates key statistics—club distances, fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts per hole, and more
  • View each round on your iPhone or other iOS device using the user-friendly GAME GOLF app
  • Advanced wearable technology captures your round and gives you a full visual replay
  • NFC (near field communication) technology contained in each club tag captures the time and club information associated with each shot
  • After data is uploaded to the GAME platform from your Mac, the app displays a realistic representation of the round, with every ball position overlaid on satellite imagery of the course
  • You can edit your round to make adjustments for penalty shots and sign your card to finalize the round
  • See stats from all of your games—a birds-eye-view of your entire game is always available
  • Focus on all aspects of a game—stats, club usage, and performance for every shot—then relive each hole via satellite mapping

Did you notice?

2010 U.S. Open Champion Graeme McDowell, 2003 U.S. Open Champion Jim Furyk, and Lee Westwood all use GAME GOLF.

What's in the Box?

  • GAME GOLF tracking device
  • 18 NFC tags to attach to your clubs
  • USB Cable
  • Protective Pouch