CS2 Ian Poulter Putting Mat


CS2 Ian Poulter Putting Mat CS2 Ian Poulter Putting Mat

CS2 Ian Poulter Putting Mat

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The an Poulter CS2 Putting Mat is must have product for those wanting to improves their game this year. Use it for as little a 30 minutes a day and you will start seeing reaping the rewards. The following practice routine will allow you to work on absolutely every part of your putting stroke. Record your results, you will be very surprised!

Rails Only

By using the rails only you can work on practicing perfecting your putting stroke. Practice hitting the ball but make sure you don't bump the rails - 10 Minutes Practice.

Rails & End Gates

Get comfortable by hitting the ball through the end-gates to ensure a square putter face at impact and sharpen up your consistency - 10 Minutes Practice.

The Ian Poulter CS2 Putting Mat features:

  • Breaking Putts & Free Putting
  • String Only Time
  • Rails & End Gates Technique
  • Rails Only Practice

String Only

Practice hitting the ball along your intended line without the assistance of the rails to ensure you can keep the stroke going - 5 Minutes Practice.

Free Putting

Visualize your putt from start to finish and record your results for future reference! - 5 Minutes.

Breaking Putts

Slide the foam under one side of the mat to create a breaking putt. Get your pace right, you should make every putt. The goal of this exercise is to get consistent - 10 Minutes.


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