Blunt Golf G1 Umbrellas

Blunt Golf G1 Umbrellas

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G1 Golf Umbrella - A Revolution In Umbrella Design

Every Blunt umbrella features patented Blunt Tips that form an integral part of its unique Radial Tensioning System (RTS). A system that redirects, transfers and distributes the effort used in opening the umbrella throughout its entire canopy surface. This revolution in umbrella design creates an aerodynamic robust canopy structure, making Blunt umbrellas the ultimate defence against the elements.

With the Blunt Golf G1 you’ll never have to let unpredictable weather ruin a round of golf. When the links start getting wet and windy, unfurl the Golf G1 to protect your gear. Developed for golfers in cooperation with famous pro caddy Steve Williams, it features a big canopy free of sharp edges or points that can pierce fabric or create a poking hazard. The large canopy covers you, your clubs, and your caddy (if applicable) easily. The patented RTS design stretches the canopy as tautly as possible, preventing Blunt umbrellas from turning inside out at a wind's breath. Sleekly designed, the Blunt Golf G1 umbrella is the ultimate defence against any heavy downpour or gale-force winds.

If you are in the market for a large-size sport umbrella, the Blunt Golf G1 umbrella is one of the finest in its class. Unmatched and unrivalled with structural engineering that falls somewhere between the Golden Gate Bridge and a NASA space probe, the Blunt Golf G1 umbrella will redefine your personal on-course weather protection.


  • 54" diameter
  • Weighs 1.9 lbs
  • No sharp edges or weak points to flap, poke, sag or tear
  • Maximum control and durability in demanding conditions
  • Large, quick-dry polyester canopy designed for golfers
  • Fiberglass shaft to reduce lightning risks
  • Includes carrying sleeve with strap
  • Patented BLUNT Tips and Radial Tensioning System protects against heavy downpour and winds up to 70 MPH

As the Blunt™ canopy unfurls the additional DOUBLE STRUTS redirect the user’s effort into the specially designed FLOATING RIBS. These ribs are telescopic, and reach out like fingers stretching into a glove. They transfer the opening force into the patented BLUNT™ TIPS on the end of each rib. The tips then open like miniature umbrellas in their specially designed pockets, evenly distributing the tension right to the edge, where it is most needed.

Taut equals Strong.

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Age: 60-79
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Once a week

Not sure yet only had it a couple of days, it has not been out for a trial in the wind and rain. Seems quite suitable and strongly made, nice size to cover everything. I'm sure it will also work well for the summer as suitable shad.