Many of our products come with extended guarantees, in order to take advantage of these extended guarantees the product needs to be registered within 30 days of purchase.

You will find Owners Manuals and Battery & Charger instructions here. You can read them, download them or print them.

Batteries & Chargers

Lithium Batteries have a longer warranty and last longer. Very hot weather and very cold weather doesn’t help; failing to charge the battery after use doesn’t help; carrying heavy bags doesn’t help. Even batteries that are treated identically have different life spans.​

A new battery does take time to fully “activate” it will get better with each round and can take up to 6 rounds to reach peak performance.

First check that the trolley is running well with no excessive noise and with the wheels running freely. Secondly, have your charger checked to make sure that this is not the problem. You should always have your charger checked when replacing your battery. A faulty or unsuitable charger can ruin your battery in a matter of rounds. Keep your battery on charge permanently. Keep the weight of your bag to a minimum.

This is VERY BAD advice.  Do not do it.  Draining a battery excessively will damage the capacity of the battery and the battery may never recover.  Draining a Lead Acid battery to less than 8 volts means that the charger will not recover the battery and will invalidate warranty. Deliberately discharging a Lithium Battery is fatal for the battery and will again invalidate the warranty.

A PowaKaddy charger is designed to recognise a PowaKaddy battery and knows when the battery is fully charged. So, it will not damage the battery. However today’s “best practice” says that, when the charger light goes green and the battery is fully charged, it is safest to remove the battery from the charger.

With a Lithium battery, when the green light shows, the battery is ready to use. Conversely, if the green light doesn’t show after charging for 12 hours, something is wrong. You should have the battery and charger checked by a Service Agent.

Standard Battery (Lithium): the battery is for 18 holes and must be fully charged. This can take up to 7 to 10 hours after the round. We are aware that some golfers will try to stretch these batteries to 27 holes, this may damage the overall capacity of the battery and may result in an early failure. Playing more than 18 holes with an 18-hole battery can seriously shorten the battery’s life and will invalidate the battery’s warranty.

​Extended Battery (Lithium): this can handle the occasional 36 holes and this is as much as you should use it for before fully charging it again for your next round. Regularly using the battery for two rounds of golf on consecutive days means that the battery cannot be fully re-charged in between and will damage the overall capacity of the battery, seriously shorten the battery’s life and will invalidate the battery’s warranty.  If you regularly play two rounds of golf in one day, buy two batteries.

Yes. Regardless of the number of holes played the battery must be charged every time it is used.

Yes, first make sure the battery is fully charged. Our advice is to store the battery in a cool dry place and, if possible, recharge monthly.

This level of use is fine.