Concourse Golf CBM3 Push Trundler

Concourse Golf CBM3 Push Trundler

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The CBM3 offers a range of unique features, plus a streamlined profile that makes for ideal storage and transportation. Operation is simple, with ultra-quick setup and pack away.

The removable wheels can be stowed in the bag during transportation to keep your vehicle clean. With a lightweight frame, high-grade steel bearings and excellent balance due to its wide footprint.


  • Eliminates the need to deal with straps before and after play
  • Simple one-click attach and release


  • Height adjustable handle
  • Handbrake
  • Umbrella holder mount
  • Accessory hooks x 4
  • Scorecard holder
  • Pencil holder
  • Sand bucket hook
  • Wheel bag
  • Quick attach and release mechanism

The Wheels: 

Excellent wheel performance is crucial. Concourse achieves through these key attributes:

  • Optimal wheel size of 270mm diameter and 80mm wide tread
  • Dual steel bearings in each wheel provide effortless spin
  • Self-locking attachment to put both wheels on simultaneously
  • Centre-press release buttons to remove wheels easily
  • Axle-free wheels for easy separation and storage

Included with purchase:

  • OCBM3 Concourse
  • Wheels x 3
  • Wheel bag
  • Instruction card

Additional options:

  • Accessories bag
  • Umbrella holder

Bag Attachment: 

Cart bags are the ideal partner for Concourse. To ensure a closer fit when using staff bags, it’s best if the storage pockets down the back of the bag are not completely full. For stand bags, the Concourse will sit over the legs.

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Age: 60-79
Skill Level: Beginner (26+)
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Age: 60-79
Skill Level: Advanced (6-15)
Play: Every day
CBM3 Push Trundler