Sales & Club Fitting Specialist

I have been golfing since a young age, over 12 years. I am currently studying at the University of Otago and working toward playing golf at a higher level toward the end of this year.
I like the employee customer experience we provide and helping other golfers find the right clubs for them and to help them improve and enjoy the game more and more. This job is great for me as it provides me with the knowledge that I can take into my own game.

I currently play off a five handicap but hopefully, I will be able to lower that by the end of the year. If I could play one golf course I would choose Augusta National because it is the greatest challenge in golf. I play here in Dunedin at Taieri Lakes Golf Course and enjoy going out and playing there on my days off.

Dunedin Store

59 Cumberland Street, Dunedin 9016 Otago, New Zealand

Jackson is based at our Dunedin Store

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